Why Does Microsoft Encourage Indie Games?

Just in case you thought it was something to do with creativity

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Why Does Microsoft Encourage Indie Games?
In the current period of let's call it 'sluggish' creativity in mainstream video game making, with might blockbuster AAA sequels and crap movie tie-ins walking the earth and just about avoiding the tarpits of public apathy, Microsoft has made great play of cuddling up to Indie game makers for Xbox One. Why?

You might think it's something to do with nuturing fresh and new ideas such as Minecraft, or Mike Bithell's Thomas was Alone or Braid or maybe even Jenova Chen's not so indie Journey. Nah... let's see what Xbox Europe VP Chris Lewis actually has to say.

So, why the big play for Indies Chris? "It is crucial that we have a plan and that we are fertile ground for the next blockbuster games. We are constantly seeking the next Call of Dutys and Forza Motorsports. Those smart ideas have to be incubated and encouraged. We are very keen for people to see our platform as the space to do that."

Oh, dear god no!

What do you reckon? Indie game devs should be harvested for another Call of Duty?

Source: Chris Dring at MCV


Chris 12 Sep 2013 22:32
I don't see what the problem is. You have a gaming exec ENCOURAGING indie games in order to improve the gaming experience. Of course their going to use the resources at their disposal... If a baseball player on your farm team hit a home run every at-bat, then you should prob move him to the majors. By the same logic, if there are great game devs out there making indie games, give them a chance at the big time by giving them cash, or bringing them onto teams that are working on AAA titles.

Sounds like you're just grasping at Microsoft-hating-straws.
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