Halo 3: E3 Short Movie Inside

With real actors and everything!

Posted by Staff
Halo 3: E3 Short Movie Inside
If you've read SPOnG's coverage of Microsoft's opening press conference for E3, you know that Peter Moore, head of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business division, showed off a Halo 3 short film. Well, for your viewing pleasure, SPOnG has the short below.

Directed by Neill Blomkamp of Peter Jackson's WETA studio in Australia, the film uses a handsome blend of CGI and actual, real, solid actors to show us that going to war's a man's business.

The short below isn't the only Halo 3 video SPOnG's brought you this afternoon. If you want to see some in-game footage, follow us this way to the first video to feature the game's single player campaign.

If that's still not enough, have a look at SPOnG's dedicated Halo 3 game page for more.



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