Cross Platform PC - Xbox One Play on the Cards

Microsoft's Phil Spencer tips the wink down under

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Cross Platform PC - Xbox One Play on the Cards
If you were another sort of journalist you might have said, "Stop f*cking around Phil, will we be getting cross platform play using the cloud and Xbox One to PC or not?" when corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer dropped a hint.

Sure, you would never have been given another interview again but you would have stopped the kind of corporate prick-teasing that might lead to an expectation of cross-platform play that might never come to fruition. Swings and roundabouts. So, what did Spencer say?

Well, to give context, Ausgamers asked, "th Games For Windows Live shuttering and Windows 8 being a kind of ubiquitous OS for Microsoft products, is there any chance weíll start seeing cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC now that the architecture is so similar and with, as you mentioned, the expanded Cloud capabilities server-side?"

Phil responded, " Iím not allowed to leak things [smiles]. But I think what youíre talking about makes a lot of sense. Now you have differences in Windows gaming and console gaming around control and input... in fact if you go back to Shadow Run on Xbox 360 -- something I worked on -- we had PC players playing against Xbox 360 customers. We didnít have tremendous success with that, but we learnt a lot from it."

If there isn't some x-platform playing, we'll be disappointed.


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