Hollywood And Games Summit: Full Line-Up Announced

Hollywood and gaming knock heads

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 Hollywood And Games Summit: Full Line-Up Announced
CMP, the group behind The Game Developers Conference, and The Hollywood Reporter has just announced the full line-up for the upcoming Hollywood and Games Summit.

There are a few names of interest from the world of gaming on the list. Susan O'Conner (writer, Gears of War) and Jordan Mechner (creator, Prince of Persia) are involved in the “How Talent Can Successfully Cross the Digital Divide” panel.

Ubisoft's director of animation, Giles Garceau, will discuss 'Digital Animation Between Film and Games' (a subject he should know about, what with Ubisoft's new animation studio opening).

The director of flOw, Kellee Santiago, will make an appearance on the 'What Digital Distribution Can Do For You' panel, while Brandon Barber, director of entertainment development at EA will chat about the integration of games into television.

If the conference and panel names haven't given it away already, the conference aims to discuss the growing levels of collaboration between gaming and television. SPOnG just hopes that the TV-sized egos don't accidentally knock any gaming bods under trailers.

The event takes place from June 26th-27th (just two weeks before E3) at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in LA. You can see the full list of speakers and panellists, as announced today, below.

Keynote: The Interactive Parallel Universe

By Clive Barker, Director-Writer, Hellraiser, Executive Producer, Gods and Monsters

How Talent Can Successfully Cross the Digital Divide

Panelists: Kim Libreri, VP Digital Domain; Yuri Lowenthal, Actor, Afro Samurai; Yannis Mallat, CEO Ubisoft Montreal; Susan O’Connor, Writer, Gears of War

Moderated by Jordan Mechner, Creator, Prince of Persia

Shepherding a Property Through the Transmedia Landscape

By Jesse Alexander, Executive Producer, Heroes, Lost

Keynote: Driving Mythology Forward

By Thomas Tull, Chairman Legendary Pictures, with Mitch Davis, CEO, Brash Entertainment

Digital Animation Between Film and Games

Panelists: Giles Garceau, Director of Animation, Ubisoft; Lyle Hall, General Manager, Heavy Iron Studios/THQ; Kevin Munroe, Director-Writer, TMNT; Todd Pilger 3D

Moderated by John Gaudiosi, Writer, The Hollywood Reporter,

What Digital Distribution Can Do For You

Panelists: Kellee Santiago, Director, flow; Mesh Flanders, Writer/Director; Amanda Goodfried, Supervising Producer, Lonelygirl15
YouTube, Flash, and the Hive Mind: A Case Study of Afterworld[/b]

By Brent Friedman, Creator-Writer, Afterworld

Integrating Games into Television

Panelists: Gregg Backer, President, Foglight Entertainment; Brandon Barber, Director of Entertainment Development, Electronic Arts; and Peggy Kim

Moderated by Geoff Keighley, SpikeTV

Creating Parallel Community Experiences Between Entertainment and MMOs

Panelists: Corey Bridges, Executive Producer, Multiverse, Michael Lewis, CEO, Cryptic Studios

Shades of Gray: Sharing Management and Production Processes Between Films and Games

Panelists: Jim Ward, SVP Lucasfilm/President LucasArts, and Neil Young, EVP Electronic Arts/GM EALA

For more information the conference's official website can be found here.


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