Microsoft Kills Xbox 540 for 2009

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Microsoft Kills Xbox 540 for 2009
Yesterday's story regarding a the possibility of a slimmed down Xbox (the 540) appearing in 2009, generated by information on TG Daily, is it appears not going to happen.

It seems that Microsoft has contacted Engadget to inform it that, "While we don't normally comment on rumors like this, we can tell you that we have no plans to release a new console in 2009".

As we said yesterday, it's unlikely that Microsoft would confirm such news, as it wishes to keep selling 360s. However, it's refreshing to see any platform holder coming into the public domain with a firm denial (or indeed confirmation). So, points to Microsoft for this.

See Engadget


Steviepunk 14 May 2008 17:53
Wouldn't a slimmed down Xbox 360, still actually be a Xbox 360 regardless of what nickname the press want to give it? In the same way that the PStwo is still a PS2

Of course, there is the possibility that Microsoft PR didn't actually read the article and just thought rumours had started on a 'next-gen' console!
moakieuk 15 May 2008 08:14
Instead of trying to make everything smaller, why not take advantage of this new chipset and produce a quieter, cooler Xbox360 in the current cases? Surely, that would be more cost-efficient...
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PreciousRoi 15 May 2008 09:07
I think that is precisely what MS is doing, assuming that the original part of this rumor is accurate, that they are looking to further shrink and consolidate the silicon in the 360, and have been actively seeking superior cooling alternatives.
SuperSaiyan4 15 May 2008 09:21
Of course Microsoft is not going to release a new console with a new name i.e. Xbox 540 what a stupid theory to add 360+180.

Has everyone forgotten why Microsoft named it the 360? It was because 360 means global - bringing everyone around the world together hence 360.

Microsoft obviously WILL revise the internal parts of the system as technology improves money can be saved in more efficient parts like 65nm process cpu and gpu.

There might be a slimmer 360 who knows but for now there is only 1 Xbox on the market and thats the 360.
mrAnthony 15 May 2008 10:02
they named it 360, as calling it xbox 2, would deem it inferior to the ps3.

i can see the board meeting now.... "xbox... xbox.... 360! yeah that makes sense, thats a GREAT name"

still better than just 2....3.....4.... etc though.

why cant all consoles be called the dreamcast
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