Sony's Harrison: PS3 Base Too Small For GTA Exclusive

Phil Harrison speaks

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Sony's Harrison: PS3 Base Too Small For GTA Exclusive
Speaking to bloggers at GDC, Phil Harrison, head of Sony Worldwide Studios, has been surprisingly open about the lack of PS3 third-party exclusives.

Speaking specifically about Grand Theft Auto IV appearing on both the PS3 and 360 Harrison said, "I don't think PS3 has the install base to support Rockstar's investment in GTA IV on its own."

Grand Theft Auto 3 was a console-exclusive for the PS2, only coming to the Xbox two years after its 2001 release. Sony has also lost several other key exclusives such as the Final Fantasy franchise and the upcoming Virtua Fighter 5.

Harrison was keen to emphasize that third-party exclusives will ?come in good time?. For the moment, however, he recognises that for publishers to recoup the high development costs for new generation titles they will have to look beyond the PS3.

Microsoft may have been accused of rushing out the 360 in some corners, but in this case it certainly seems to have paid dividends. Were it in the same position as with the Xbox ? releasing the platform 20 months after the PS2 ? it would certainly not have had the user-base to draw exclusives like Grand theft Auto away from the PS3.

For more on Harrison at GDC see SPOnG's coverage of his keynote speech.


hollywooda 9 Mar 2007 14:32
Or 360 user base too big for third party's to exclude???
realvictory 11 Mar 2007 23:29
Or developers don't care what the platform is, as long as there are people who buy the game?
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