Microsoft makes statement on disc-scratching issue

Will this be enough to appease the Japanese gaming community?

Posted by Staff
Microsoft of Japan has issued a statement regarding the alleged Xbox hardware fault that scratches game discs, CDs and DVDs during normal use. A row flared up in Japan following the launch of the machine, when customers started to complain about the machine scratching discs for no obvious reason.

Microsoft has issued the following statement:

“Concerning the effects on DVD disks when running on the Xbox, minor scratches may sometimes occur on the outside of DVD/CDs after running in the Xbox. This is a natural phenomenon which happens with friction, and there has been no past report that they have effected normal gameplay, DVD playback or CD music playback.

Regardless of this matter, please contact Xbox customer support if there is a problem in gameplay or playback by any chance. If the disk becomes unplayable from normal use, Microsoft will repair or replace the console, as written in the warranty agreements in the instruction manual.”

Whether this bullish attitude will appease the notoriously fickle Japanese gaming public remains to be seen.

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