Obama and Microsoft Agree on Xbox 360

But Cliffy B won't take it lying down!

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Image via Spout Blog
Image via Spout Blog
US president Barack Obama has piped up about games consoles again, picking on the Xbox and getting some agreement from Microsoft.

In a speech to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Obama said, We cant tell our kids to do well in school and then fail to support them when they get home. You cant just contract out parenting. For our kids to excel, we have to accept our responsibility to help them learn.

"That means putting away the Xbox putting our kids to bed at a reasonable hour. It means attending those parent-teacher conferences and reading to our children and helping them with their homework."

Microsoft, apparently realising that if you can't beat 'em you should probably join 'em, responded with, We agree with President Obama that its a time for families to work together so that kids use media in ways that are safe, healthy and balanced. Xbox 360 is the only console gaming system that has a timer feature allowing parents to set time limits for their kids, as well as parent controls to enable parents to set limits on what their kids are playing and watching.

Microsoft might have a bit of brown on its nose, but Epic's Cliffy B wasn't taking it lying down. Oh no. "Srsly, Obama, quit hating on the Xbox. Ps this weekend is going to be great", he tweeted. It's unclear whether the last bit was also for Obama (are those two pals?) or more of a general statement.

Obama also thinks kids should step away from games consoles for the good of their health.

Here's footage of the speech.



deleted 20 Jul 2009 11:43
lets face stepping away from the console fo pyshical health would be good for kids, thats why i make sure my kids have after school clubs and such and then they can crash on the xbox when they get home.

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