Halo 3 Beta Updated

New play mode and vehicle available

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Halo 3 Beta Updated
Bungie has announced a few changes for the ongoing Halo 3 beta. The change will take the form of an upgrade from Team Training mode to Big Team Training.

Here's what Bungie has to say on the subject:

"Like any good chef we're making some changes to the recipe in the Public taste test we call the Halo 3 Beta. This week we're making our first change to the Matchmaking Playlist . We're swapping out Team Training and adding in Big Team Training. In Big Team Training players will play 6v6 on High Ground and Valhalla. In addition to some existing modes look for some new modes in Big Team Training, like Multi Flag CTF on Valhalla. Additionally, we've made some slight tweaks to the Team Skirmish playlist that should add greater variety in the opponents you'll face."

SPOnG can't help but get the rosy feeling that beta players have graduated.

Although it hasn't been confirmed by Bungie, a new vehicle will be made available by the update. Players have reported that Big Team Training offers use of the updated Banshee for your airborne enjoyment on the Valhalla map.

No more sign of the allegedly unearthed four-player co-op mode, though...

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