Microsoft UK: We'll Sell Hundreds of Thousands of Kinects for Xmas

Some honesty comes into play regarding "limited supply"

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Microsoft UK: We'll Sell Hundreds of Thousands of Kinects for Xmas
Microsoft's general manager for all things Xbox in the UK & Ireland, Neil Thompson, has told MCV that, "In terms of allocation (for Kinect) I canít meet the demand every single retailer has of me for day one. But I do think we have what I would call a healthy launch volume for week one."

Yup, as ever with launches of games hardware, it's the "We might not be able to meet demand, get your pre-orders in!".

Lewis continues, "And more importantly, as we go through the Christmas season as a whole I feel very confident that all retailers will enjoy the sales opportunity that Kinect will bring."

He also, however, ensures to keep the numbers below the millions, stating, "We are going to see hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Kinect in familiesí hands this Christmas and retail will have a really good season on the platform.Ē

But at least he's honest, "When we launch new products people always ask 'are you going to have enough product?í but in some ways, you hope not Ė because if we havenít got the consumer demand you clearly arenít being successful."

Source: MCV


DoctorDee 30 Oct 2010 05:43
I can't help but feel that, with the lack of supply to the mainstream games press, and the late launch date, Microsoft are hoping to get one good "holidays" out of this before word gets out that it's not all it's cracked up to be. Let's be clear, since it has been cracked up to be the second coming, it would be hard for it to match the hype, and it would be entirely possible for it to be an interesting and entertaining toy without living up to the hype. But I still feel like they are trying to clip it in without much real "press" coverage, and get as much "media" coverage as they can for it. And that gets my Spidey-sense a tingling.

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