Zune HD - Service to Replace TV & Movie Xbox Live

Hi Def Zune to take on Apple

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Zune HD - Service to Replace TV & Movie Xbox Live
If Cnet is to be believed, the arrival of the Zune HD to the USA is also going to result in, "a new Zune-branded video service for the Xbox that will replace the current Xbox Live marketplace for TV and movies."

The Zune team concurs, "we will be coming to Xbox, taking over the existing video marketplace and bringing a rich new experience with new features."

The team also gives details on the Zune HD - which is apparently "going head to head with the iPod Touch", according to Chris Stephenson, General Manager of Consumer Marketing for the TV, Video and Music Business.

Those details include the fact that Zune HD "will feature a HD Radio receiver, HD video out capabilities, an OLED screen with multi touch, and an internet browser. Find HD Radio stations in your area by visting the HD Radio site. There are still more details to come!"

We're also told that, "There is more goodness to come, but we wanted to take a moment to announce what we are working on both on the hardware, and software services front."

Some of that news comes via a press release with Chris Stephenson stating that "Zune’s international expansion starts with video on Xbox LIVE; eventually we’ll offer the full digital entertainment experience spanning screens, devices, platforms and geographies."

There's some more CorporateWaffle about delivering on experiences until we reach, "With Zune video on Xbox LIVE consumers will have the option to view a wide selection of TV and film content how and when they want: either instant streaming, download to rent or download to own, so you can watch even when you aren’t connected to the internet."

And then the good stuff, from our European perspective. Neil Thompson, Senior Director Entertainment Division UK & Ireland talks about Zune over this side of the Atlantic, "Xbox customers in the UK & Ireland enjoy music much like a national sport." Eh? Neil then confirms that the service will hit Europe - which is still a Zune-free zone: "This introduction of Zune video service to Xbox Live will offer additional even more high definition content continuing our journey to become the leading platform for entertainment experiences.”

We await more news at E3.


SuperSaiyan4 27 May 2009 12:18
You know what if this does not come to the UK I will import one.

Slap on Halo on this device and I guarentee it will sell millions very easily, the device has wireless and an internet browser...Would be very interesting if you could go on Xbox Live with this device...
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