Wii Set To Rule UK Market

Figures indicate could overtake 360 in next few months

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Wii Set To Rule UK Market
The latest figures from games sales monitor Chart-Track indicate that, if current sales trends continue, the Wii is on course to overtake the Xbox 360 as the best-selling next-gen console in the UK by the end of October.

The figures also show that the Wii should crack the million hardware sales mark within the next three to four weeks, eclipsing the GameCube's lifetime sales figure of just over a million by the end of September.

Currently the Wii is outselling the 360 by four to one and the PS3 by more than six to one each week.

There is, however, a big 'If' hanging over the Wii's ability to overtake the 360 by October. Halo 3 is on the way and will prove to be a significant driver of 360 sales. Similarly, 2K's BioShock is just around the corner and looks set to be massive.

Throw in the (still denied) possibility of a 360 price cut and the impending release of the Xbox Elite, and Nintendo will be pushed to overtake the 360 so soon.

Any way you look at it, however, the figures are good news for Nintendo following the GameCube's poor performance. Given that the 360 was released nearly a year before the Wii, even the possibility of the Wii overtaking it is a boon for Nintendo.

This news comes hot on the heels of Nintendo predicting a 180% sales increase for the Wii this year.

Meanwhile the DS is still going strong, with around four million sold in the UK.

Source: Eurogamer


ozfunghi 16 Aug 2007 18:58
Well, i can't speak for the UK, but worldwide, Halo3 and Bioshock will prove to be no more than a hick-up in overtaking the lead. Let's say Xbox360 sales TRIPPLE when these games arrive, that still would mean that it is selling LESS than Wii. And how long will that last? A month? Two? Wii can't sell any faster, it's still selling out. Wii is its own killer app.

A 360 pricecut would be tougher though. But even than, Wii has the hypetrain in mainstream media, 360 far from it.
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