Devil May Cry 4 Demo Early Next Year

Wipe those tears from your eyes...

Posted by Staff
The wait to get your mitts on Capcom's Devil May Cry 4 has just been shaved down, with the announcement of a demo coming in early 2008.

The demo will be available over both Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network.

As you'd expect, the demo will introduce the new protagonist, Nero, for players to try his fancy coat on for size. SPOnG was pleased to be told that the demo will take place over several locations to give a bit of a wider flavour to the experience.

Anyway we're going to turn you over to Capcom to tell you what else the demo has in store:

"Players will receive instruction on the various new actions that the Devil Bringer bestows, such as the ability to slam creatures to the ground, cover great distances in a single bound or even grab enemies while on the ground or in the air and pull them towards Nero to continue the attack combo. The Exceed system allows Nero to “rev up” his sword as if it were a motorcycle throttle and unleash devastating attacks. Players will need to master all these techniques before the end of demo showdown with the mighty Berial."

Whet your appetite? Got the juices flowing? Worry not, SPOnG has some new DMC4 screens for you to feast your eyes on below. When you're done, head over to SPOnG's dedicated game page for more.


SuperSaiyan4 7 Dec 2007 15:46
Still feels a bit strange that DMC4 is coming to the 360 I mean who would have though a PS game such as this would ever make it to the Xbox.

Really looking forward to it but somehow I still think it should have just stayed on the PS system...
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