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Here at SPOnG, we have been creating and maintaining web sites since 1994. In that time, our email addresses have been harvested so many times, and we've received so much spam mail that, if we laid it all end to end it would stretch to the moon and back. Which is pretty impressive when you consider that email is made of electrons, and electrons are very very tiny. By now you must be wondering what our point is here, and you may be thinking that we've lost the plot completely and started rambling, and you might be right... but bear with us, there is a point!

We take your privacy very seriously here at When we ask you questions about who you are, what you like, your inside leg measurement etc, it is to create a personalised profile which we will use to enhance SPOnG for your enjoyment. And because we are trying to prove a statistical relationship betwen leg length and game genre preference. One day advertising may pay for SPOnG (and one day pigs might fly) and allow us to keep the site free while continually updating and improving it. To this end, we may also use the information you give us to create a overall statistical view of our userbase to allow us to provide advertisers with the information they require to place advertising on our site.

The data you do provide will be used under strict control. We will not avail your email address to third parties without your permission. When we do avail use of email addresses to third parties, we will only do so to ones connected with computer and video games software, hardware and accessories, and related electronic entertainment products, and generally cool stuff.

Occasionally, we like to send out details about what's happening on, we will not do so without first asking your permission. The same applies to SPOnG approved partners who we feel have offers of interest to you and who would like to send you details. You can opt in and out of the scheme using the registration system and preferences at any time.

If you do agree to receive mail from third parties, SPOnG will adminsiter the mail-shot directly, to avoid your email address being re-sold to spam mailers. We will also provide you with an easy way of unsubscribing from this service.

At present, SPOnG does not require notification off the Data Protection Registrar, since we only hold your data for sales and marketing purposes. However, if this changes, we will register with the UK Data Protection Registrar (SPOnG is a UK organisation) and abide by all the requirements of the registrar.

We hope that you will provide us with the fullest details in our Registration, Survey and Competition pages so that we can build up the best possible view of our users. Please answer as many questions as you feel happy with.

Thanks for helping to make SPOnG a great resource.


Like every website on the Internet (oh, okay, there may be a handful of exceptions), SPOnG uses cookies. We use these to keep you logged in from one page to the next. We also use them to get some clue as to how visitors travel around SPOnG, so that we can improve the parts of the site that attracts more visitors and make sure we're working on the content you're interested in. We also use "third party" cookies to help us do this, and these may include demographic profiling. However, at no time is any personally identifiable data shared with third parties, nor do we profile you individually. Basically, we'd like to see how the herd moves, and whether the Jerseys or the Friesians prefer the daisies. We're not interested in Ermintrude's milking habits. (Apologies for the terrible cow analogy)