E3 Conference Schedule: Get Your Times Here!

Exciting times ahead.

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E3 Conference Schedule: Get Your Times Here!
E3 is right around the corner, and that means all sorts of juicy new game information and epic next-generation console reveals! Hooray! But, if you're trying to keep up with all the major conferences, it can be quite difficult to keep on top of all the times. Don't fear, we have you covered!

You can check out a list of major conferences below. Microsoft will kick off the June 10 series of events with a media briefing at 9.30am. It will undoubtedly cover Xbox One in depth, and will seek to quell fears that Microsoft has forgotten core gamers with its latest home console. 15 first-party games are said to be in development for the platform, so we should see a large majority of those revealed then.

Sony, on the other hand, will be staging their conference at the end of the working day in Los Angeles (6.00pm), which will require gamers in the UK doing an all-nighter in front of their computer screens to watch the event live. It has the opportunity to swiftly react to anything Microsoft formally announces in the morning, but will have to juggle its PS4 reveals with stage time for PS3 and Vita.

Inbetween Microsoft and Sony will be conferences for two major third party publishers - Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. Both companies are high-priority targets for the rival console manufacturers, and there might be a platform-exclusive bonus (or game) or two announced at either one. Then, the next day - Tuesday - Nintendo will aim to breathe new life into the Wii U with a consumer-focused conference, in the form of a Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Whatever happens, it's looking like it's going to be a fun week for games! Check out the times below.

Monday 10 June
09:30 PST (17:30 BST) - Microsoft
13:00 PST (21:00 BST) - EA
15:00 PST (23:00 BST) - Ubisoft
18:00 PST (02:00 BST) - Sony

Tuesday 11 June
15:00 BST - Nintendo Direct


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