Usual Suspects Rolled Out for E3 Speeches

Lanning and Molyneux feature.

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Peter Molyneux
Peter Molyneux
The organising body of the Electronics Entertainment Expo has announced the preliminary list of speakers at this year?s pre-show warm-up conferences, with Lionhead?s Peter Molyneux and OddWorld?s Lorne Lanning the highlights of an otherwise pretty lacklustre showing.

The full list reads:

Jeff Anderson (Turbine Entertainment)
Jay Cohen (Ubisoft)
Don Daglow (Stormfront Studios)
Bill Fulton (Microsoft)
Richard Garriott (NCSoft)
Tony Kee (Ubisoft)
Lorne Lanning (Oddworld Inhabitants)
Mitch Lasky (JAMDAT)
Starr Long (NCSoft)
Richard Marks (Sony Computer Entertainment America)
Jordan Mechner (Ubisoft)
Peter Molyneux (Lionhead Studios)
Ray Muzyka (BioWare)
Michael Pachter (Wedbush Morgan Securities)
David Perry (Shiny Entertainment)
Ted Price (Insomniac Games)
Philip Rosedale (Linden Lab)
Carly Staehlin (NCSoft)
Bob Stevenson (Planet Moon Studios)
Will Wright (Maxis)
Greg Zeschuk (BioWare)

This does not include the keynote speakers for the main event in Los Angeles in May, which should see some of the industry?s bigger guns rolled out.


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