Xbox 360 Supply Changes Indicate Price Cut Imminent

Either that or the biggest piece of FUD this year.

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Xbox 360 Supply Changes Indicate Price Cut Imminent
The official news of an Xbox 360 price cut for the Elite and the end of the 60Gb Pro SKU is widely expected to hit this week.

Sources in retail and elsewhere in the industry have indicated to SPOnG that an official announcement of the changes is likely to put paid to further rumour and speculation before the UK's August bank holiday. This would also, of course, mean a change in the Xbox 360 line-up occurring prior or at the same time as the September 1st official launch of PS3 Slim.

In terms of the USA, Electronic Entertainment Design and Research's (EEDAR) Director of Analytical Services, Jess Divinch, told us today that, despite reports that he had confirmed the news, "No I'm not officially confirming it." He then clarified his position, "It's just coming as retail circulars have clearly indicated such. I just expect Microsoft to confirm by the end of the week."

"I'm just confirming that I expect Microsoft to make some type of announcement this week."

The UK's trade magazine, MCV, is also reporting "Retail sources have confirmed to MCV that all 360 models have been pulled from open availability, with individual stores seeing limits placed on the amount of hardware they are able to order.

"This follows the pattern seen in the channel shortly before Microsoft ditched the long-forgotten Xbox 360 Core SKU in favour of the Arcade model."

The one point of confusion currently putting a stick in the spokes of the rumour mill is whether the Arcade SKU will see a price rise.



Joji 26 Aug 2009 13:12
Cool. Let the price war commence. I hope that MS set the Pro at 150 and the Elite at 200. Maybe wishful thinking, but its the only way to get at Sony.
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