FIFA 14 Bundled Free with Xbox One

Rumour has it that Microsoft and EA are teaming up for an exclusive launch deal

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FIFA 14 Bundled Free with Xbox One
With gamescom 2014 kicking off, rumours are already in play of a deal that EA Sports and Microsoft have cooked up to get FIFA 14 into an Xbox One bundle, at no extra cost to the consumer.

Yes, apparently cocking a snook at Sony's PS4, EA will sell Microsoft a couple of hundred thousand copies of FIFA 14 for the latter to then give away with launch Xbox Ones.

MCV reports the rumour that several senior game industry voices support thus:

"At Gamescom tomorrow, an Xbox One/FIFA 14 tie-up will be announced in a bid to win over European gamers, according to two senior games industry sources. The bundle will still retail for 429.99, the same price as the Xbox One base unit.

"The move is designed to make Xbox One appear better value for money as it currently retails for 80 more than PS4. FIFA 14 has an RRP of 54.99."

We'll find out today at gamescom.


DrkStr 20 Aug 2013 09:27
XBone (430) + FIFA14 (0) = 430
PS4 (350) + FIFA14 (50) = 400

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