Some Reddit Users Suffer Small Xbox One Video Glitch

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Some Reddit Users Suffer Small Xbox One Video Glitch
OK, not the greatest headline in the world but we thought, "Hell, let's try this new thing where we use headlines that inform readers."

So, in this case there is a Reddit thread of about 50 inputs all of which are mentioning various different Xbox One video display glitches. Comments range from:

"Found a bug when playing Titanfall. When starting a game and I hit the home button to go back to the home screw the video output is lost....might also happen with other games. I have to do a hard reset to get back video again"


"Had this happen a few times last night in Titanfall and BF4.
Have checked all the cables and no issues, TV is working fine as well.
Every time it happens I have to hard reset.
It seems to be happening more often when trying to snap to and from party and friends menu."

You may want to check the entire thread here.

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