Xbox Live Bulks up With Impressive Roster

More games online for the big black box.

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Full Spectrum Warrior
Full Spectrum Warrior
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Microsoft has released a beefed-up list of games to make use of the Xbox Live online gaming service, with the software giant now rampantly dominant in the technical delivery of online play.

The updated list reads:

Full Spectrum Warrior - June 2004
Driver 3 - June 2004
Rainbow Six Black Arrow - August 2004
Mortal Kombat: Deception - October 2004
FIFA Football 2005 - October 2004
Star Wars Battlefront - 21st September 2004
Burnout 3 - September 2004
Outrun 2 - October 2004
Unreal Championship 2 - Christmas 2004
Halo 2 - 9th November 2004
Need for Speed Underground 2 - November 2004
Forza Motorsport - December 2004
Call of Duty: Finest Hour - Q4 2004
Doom 3 – Expected Autumn 2004
MechAssault 2 – Q1 2005

All of the above games offer full online play. Microsoft’s emergence into the gaming sphere may well be underlined by a desire to take over your digital living room space, though its online games strategy alone is something to be applauded as it exists today.

In other news, Nintendo, at its investor meeting earlier this week, stated that it has had ambitions for networked gaming since the days of the Famicom. President Satoru Iwata pointed to the Game Boy Advance and its wireless adapter as evidence that the firm is pushing forward.


Deviluck 11 Jun 2004 10:53
Impressive list, i wish i had an xbox just for the online. Though i have a PC and that can be better.
I have ps2 online and want killzone and timesplitters 3.
Brown Force 11 Jun 2004 11:15
Have to agree with you there, Xbox Live is by far the best online service around and has (PC excluded) some of the best online games there is. And the scary thing is there are even more games Spong failed to mention such as Republic Comando, Shadow Op: Red Mercury, Star Wars Battlefront and Pro Evo 4 to but a few. Go Xbox!
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fluffstardx 11 Jun 2004 12:59
They did mention Battlefront...
Joji 11 Jun 2004 13:14
I have to agree this is a good thing for Xbox and gaming as a whole. The PCs online catalogue has always focused for the hardcore with FPSs, RTSs and RPGs. Xbox has blown this niche pc angle apart, and for the better, adding more variety including long ignored genre like beat em ups, sport etc. This will bring in new people for a quick fix of online Top Spin, or long hours of KOTOR2. I intend to bag an Xbox just for Xbox live.

Yes I still hate MS though, lol. But I like to experience all I can.
mrnull 12 Jun 2004 12:45
>Impressive list, i wish i had an xbox just for
>the online.

That's why I saved up and bought one. I was totally convinced after playing Rallisport Challenge 2 at a friend's house. Still, even with the price-drop here in the US it's hard to justify that much money for a console which will be outdated by next summer.

XBox LIVE is great, and it's nice for those of us who haven't kept our PC specs up-to-date. Nothing can save you though when your girlfriend's cat chews the end off your ethernet cable :(
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