Halo Reach Branded Xbox 360 Announced

Silver finish, Halo insignias, custom sound effects... check!

Posted by Staff
Halo Reach Branded Xbox 360 Announced
Another Halo game, another limited edition Xbox 360 to help promote it. For Bungie swansong Halo Reach, retailer GAME has announced an exclusive console bundle that will see a lovely silver finish to the main unit, headset and the two joypads that come included.

Costing 249.99, the Halo Reach Xbox 360 S pack includes a 250GB hard drive, logo branding on the peripherals, and a Standard Edition copy of the upcoming blockbuster game. A DLC token is also thrown in, allowing players to download the Limited Edition Elite Armour, along with an episode of anime series Halo Legends.

Perhaps the main reason to get this pack is the fact that the console itself contains custom sound effects from the Halo series. How cool is that?

The console will only be available from GAME and Gamestation stores, on Halo Reach's launch date - 14th September. You can pre-order it now. Go on.


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