Finally a Proper Reason To Buy Vista

To play Geometry Wars on your PC!

Posted by Staff
Finally a Proper Reason To Buy Vista
By Adam Hartley

SPOnG's really not been all that pumped about Vista. That was, until today, when we heard that Bizarre Creations' glorious smash hit shoot-'em-up Geometry Wars - still one of SPOnG’s favourite XBLA games - is now available for PC, though only if you’re rocking the new Vista OS.

Just up on MSN Games, “Play a 100% faithful version of Bizarre Creations’ Retro Evolved shooter that has taken the Xbox 360 world by storm. Play as a geometric ship trapped in a grid world and face off against waves of deadly spinners, snakes, and repulsars. Survive long enough, and you just might set the high score!”

Finally, we have an actual solid reason to want to upgrade to Vista. We now look forward to months of tears and gnashing and hair-pulling as it breaks our computers on a more regular basis than good ol’ Windows XP!

It's available right now, with a free (FREE!) demo exclusively on Windows Vista downloadable from MSN Games right here.


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