Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Beat Apple in Harris Poll

Apple not king of the hill

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Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Beat Apple in Harris Poll
According to a new 'EuiTrend' study published by pollsters Harris, Sony and Nintendo rather than Apple were in "the top tech brands... based on a broad survey of U.S. consumers."

According to PC Mag, "The firm polled over 25,000 U.S. consumers to assemble the results, which measures the connection the brands have with consumers, commitment, the brand's behavior, advocacy, trust, and brand equity. The latter, the most important metric, is considered the brand's overall strength and is measured by familiarity, quality, and how it factors into a purchase."

In terms of consumer electronics. "Sony topped the field with a ranking of 74.7..."

As for game's console providers, Nintendo finished with a score of 69.8, as measured by Harris. Sony finished second with a score of 68.4, followed by Microsoft and its Xbox console.

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