Microsoft: Kinect is as Important to 360 as Xbox Live

Will be tightly integrated.

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Microsoft: Kinect is as Important to 360 as Xbox Live
Kinect is as important to the Xbox 360 as Xbox Live. That's the chatter coming out of Microsoft today, with Game Studios VP Phil Spencer stating that soon there will be no differentiation between a Kinect-enabled game and a 'standard' Xbox 360 title.

"We view Kinect as a fundamental part of the platform,” Spencer told Gamespot. “It is as core to the platform as Xbox Live is. I think over time for first party, you're not going to see that differentiation between ‘is that a Kinect game?’ and ‘is that not a Kinect game?’. You're just going to think about these things as 360 games."

Spencer explained that the reasoning behind this statement is that Xbox Live is now tightly integrated to the Xbox 360 experience, and Microsoft's aim is to allow Kinect to do the same. The exec added that he doesn't think the games will fail either, saying that "I think our Kinect launch lineup is strong. It's deep. I think it's great seeing the third parties step up. But our gamer customers should expect to see Kinect across all genres. All genres will support Kinect at some point."

Whatever happens, it won't be a loss-making venture for the company - Don Mattrick told the New York Times that at £130, Microsoft will be making a profit on every Kinect peripheral sold. That's a relief, then.


AN_D_K 26 Oct 2010 09:29
But I hardly ever play games on XBOX Live. I think a lot of people stop or begrudge paying for a gold account because they don't really use it. While most games make use of XBOX Live it still isn't so important that you can't enjoy most games without it unless it's particularly online focused.

It'll be the same with the kinect I think. More games will start considering using it for one reason or another but it's never going to be a replacement for an FPS, is it? Just potentially additional fun.
AN_D_K 26 Oct 2010 09:33
That's not to say XBOX Live isn't important for Microsoft. They've put a lot in and if you want it, it is an excellent service. I'm just saying that they're is still plenty of other stuff to do if you don't use it.

They're not going to take stuff away from you. They're going to add to it with Kinect.
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PaulRayment 26 Oct 2010 09:42
Jesus, I wish MS would make their mind up. If this is for everyone and everything then back it up with some proof.

To start with the space needed is a big issue. EVERYONE can use XBL and Xbox no matter how small their room is. I live in a decent size flat and it's gonna be a tight one if Kinect will fit.

As for ""I think our Kinect launch lineup is strong. It's deep." I've not seen a weaker launch line-up in generations. Sure it has a high number of games but the pretty much all fall in to fitness/sport/dance genres. There is also a distinct lack of AAA or well known names (sorry Sonic).

Halo with Kinect would have been a seller. Forza at launch, heck Fable 3 for that matter. But no, there is nothing out there that suggests this goes beyond shuvelware
MRXBOX n VAN BC 26 Oct 2010 11:06
Oh goody i hope the CANDY STUFFING , DIGATAL NATIVES all get in real good shape . LOL . The likely hood of a real gamer standing in front of his/her TV for any great length like 4 to 8 hrs . This should help fill the Er's with Nintendo Type Injuries . WII mote injuries are on the rise , so i guess the MOVEMENT for Moving around will cause even more STUPID PEOPLE to hurt themselves . I hope to bring these Fools in on U Tube and give me many more hours of entertainment than these devices will ever yield in game play !!!!
Vince 26 Oct 2010 11:26
@AN_D_K Your one of the rare people then. I have no problems paying £25 a year for xbox live - great service IMHO and I wouldn't class myself as a hardcore gamer. Only buy 2-3 games tops a year (Halo not being one of them!)
AN_D_K 26 Oct 2010 11:30
@Vince I still end up paying for it. It's a good service for the price and for the odd game it's nice to have. But as important as it is, plenty of people get on fine without it.
AN_D_K 26 Oct 2010 11:31
@PaulRayment The Kinect isn't for games like Halo and Fable 3. Hell, it's not for Forza really. Just because it isn't one of the core games doesn't mean that it's shovelware. It's like calling Wii Sports Resort shovelware.
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