300 Assaults Xbox Live

Where are our bloody films?

Posted by Staff
300 Assaults Xbox Live
Amid the haze of download speed cursing that was the release of the BioShock and Beautiful Katamari demoes on Xbox Live, a little film called 300 has crept its way onto Xbox Live Marketplace.

Frank Miller's homo-erotic epic comes in both SD and HD, although the HD version will soak up a massive 5.3GB of hard disk space.

Of course, there's a very good reason you might not give a half-digested frankfurter about 300's Xbox 360 release: you might be one of SPOnG's UK readers and screaming "Where the f**king f**k is my f**king downloadable movie service??!!" at the screen.

Obviously, SPOnG doesn't condone such acts of violence against innocent electronic equipment, but we do enjoy a good lark about men in loin cloths hurting each other with their swords...


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