Japan Quiet: Awaiting PS3 Slimpact

PS2, well, everything outsells PS3

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Japan Quiet: Awaiting PS3 Slimpact
Media Create, the Japanese stat collator, has released its hardware sales figures for last week. Everything ever made, including PS2, has outsold Playstation 3. Given that PS3 Slim is launching in the Homeland next week and Japan has just emerged from recession - apparently - this news is about as surprising as a price cut to a competing model following a new form factor announcement.

The most recent week's sales are actually down across the board, total sales being down some 52%.

Wii: 26,972
Xbox 360: 8,979
PS2: 3,295
PS3: 2,052

DSi: 59,578
PSP: 27,187
DS Lite: 5,735

Total: 133,798

Previous Week

Nintendo Wii: 47,732
Xbox 360: 9,162
Playstation 3: 5,944
PlayStation 2: 4,907

Nintendo Dsi: 87,936
PSP: 39,882
Nintendo DS Lite: 7,921

Total: 203,484


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