What Became of Xbox 360's NXE Death Rings?

Screaming Xbox 360 users storm tea-cup?

Posted by Staff
SPOnG's delirious NXE avatar.
SPOnG's delirious NXE avatar.
On the one hand, we had Microsoft's Major Nelson owning up to a few 'hiccups' following the global roll-out of the Xbox 360's new graphical user paintjob'n' bit of speed-up, the New Xbox Experience (NXE) last week.

At the same time the official Xbox forum was brimming with various - apparently NXE-related - tales of woe.

All this was supplemented by a report on the Gaming Confidential blog reporting 'A trusted source working as a customer service rep for Microsoft' as stating, "The slick move by Microsoft here is that it's releasing the update on the 19th, just a couple of days after the extended warranty period for launch Xbox 360s end...

"Our department is bracing itself from irate callers after the update is released. I'm bringing some aspirin to work this holiday season."

This was followed by the same trusted source declaring on on November 20th that, "They released the New Xbox Experience a few days after the extended warranty period ended for most users and it's tough to explain that to raging callers. How do you say that MS just screwed them all?"

Possibly you don't? So far, all we've noticed is that the official Xbox forum doesn't appear to be over-flowing with bile and that Microsoft has not released an apology to everybody for the 'screwing'.

Has your NXE experience been a nightmarish trip into utter outrage and hell? Has the fact that the warranty on your original Day One 360 expired just as the NXE came out convinced you that there is a mighty conspiracy against those people who bought the 360 on Day One? Tell us in the Forum so we can create a letter to convince Microsoft to stop conspiring against its own customers!


SuperSaiyan4 25 Nov 2008 12:43
All I can say is if you have had a LAUNCH console that has lasted 3yrs then that is simply incredible.
Daz 25 Nov 2008 12:53
so what exactly is going wrong with them? and do I need to be worried come crimbo?
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Daz 25 Nov 2008 13:00
never mind noticed the other news article, I think I'll put off downloading NXE on Xmas day, don't wanna run the risk of having RRoD on day damn one
Scott 25 Nov 2008 13:26
"Our department is bracing itself from irate callers after the update is released." - So nothing to report then? It would be news if they had been flooded with calls...it all seems to have gone relatively smoothly.

"They released the New Xbox Experience a few days after the extended warranty period ended for most users" - Most users did not buy their console on launch week so this is just a garbage statement.

Trusted source my eye!
Tim Smith 25 Nov 2008 14:12
Scott wrote:
Trusted source my eye!

Now then, maybe GamingConfidential does trust its source. I trusted the people who were running my bank despite the fact that they were quite obviously out of their heads on coke, champagne and cheap whores, and were also compulsive liars.

I think we should all just take a moment here.


matthew verso 25 Nov 2008 14:26
Hmmm. Well I turned on my 360 and pressed "A" (as you do), and ten minutes later created my Avatar and loaded GoW onto my HDD. Problems? Not so much.

Mind you my 360 is only 6 months old.
Tim Smith 25 Nov 2008 14:42
matthew verso wrote:
Hmmm. Well I turned on my 360 and pressed "A" (as you do), and ten minutes later created my Avatar and loaded GoW onto my HDD. Problems? Not so much.

Mind you my 360 is only 6 months old.

We also turned on the SPOnG Elite, downloaderised the update, installed and created our avatar without much fuss or bother (but a little bickering - some people here lead me to believe that the avatar is a bit effete; I'll let you decide).

Now, I'm always one to look askance at the video game industry - which I think does a great job in defending itself with (a) snowjobs (b) CorproBS (c) embargoes (d) NDAs (e) add your own here ... however, I'm finding it difficult to believe all the bluster that's been kicked up about NXE by those of an Xbox-hating nature.

(that said, NXE is really just a glorified paint job with some tweaks for install-to-HD and the occasional, "Oh we've buggered you sound over HDMI" isn't it?


heath46 25 Nov 2008 16:09
well i have an elite console and i just had the ring of death last night along with my next door neighbour coincidence? i dont think so
Jim 25 Nov 2008 16:25
I got a UK launch model that's still going strong and on top of that i know about a dozen people with 360s and none of ours have failed, my nephews probably takes the most abuse but aside from taking 2-3 attemps to recognize a few certain games (PES 06 + Tomb Raider Legend which run fine once the disc has been recognized and could be down to scratches) it's still going strong.
Anyway going back to the topic NXE has been fine, there was some slow loading pages on the very first day which i kind of expected given all the users swamping the servers to see the new dashboard, but it's been great ever since.
Noboby i've spoken to so far have had any problems and i've started a party with most of the people on my friends list so i think i can speak for quite a few, i think read somewhere else that there has been a sound bug for some who use HDMI but i've not spoken to anyone that's had the bug.
Goon 25 Nov 2008 17:08
I have a launch model that still works ..... sortof ..... sometimes it decides that (halfway through a game) it can't see the disc anymore .... usually when playing Mass Effect. We've come to an understanding though where if I mash the xbox button enough times it will suddenly remember i'm playing the game.

Saying that though ... since the NXE update I haven't had that problem .... yet.
mugato 25 Nov 2008 17:12
My console was bought in Jan 2007, and after upgrading to the NXE I got the E80 (bottom right hand side quadrant flashing red). After much arguing with the South African distributor for XBox, they eventually agreed to swop it for a new model (with HDMI!).
ed 25 Nov 2008 18:19
10 minutes into the new update i got the error 79 appear on my xbox... my xbox no longer turns on and only the ring of death appears... lame! i rang customer services and they seemed to have to ask there managers about the situation several times as i claimed it was due to the update!!! they tried everything to claim it wasn?t the update. even blaming me saying i hadnt fitted the wires correctly which is rubbish.

As i was having problems with my dvd drive for the last 6 months i will now agree to an xbox swap for 60. Which means i will get my base console replaced.

This is total rubbish. Microsoft needs to take responsibility for their update which has left me with no indoor entertainment apart from my digibox and dvd player. Now i will actually have to talk to my rubbish housemates!!! Thanks Microsoft
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