Xbox sneaking up on Sony

20% of PS2’s installed base within months.

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Xbox sneaking up on Sony
Microsoft has been making some loud noises over the weekend, claiming, rightly so, that the Xbox is making sterling progress towards its goal of complete world domination of videogames.

According to figures just issued, the Xbox has shifted eight million units around the world, breaking down to 5.4 million in North America, 1.8 million in Europe and 850,000 in Asia. Although the Asian figures are somewhat disastrous, the overall amount is healthy.

With this current trend continuing, the firm expects to have shifted nine million hardware units by April of this year, and 10 million, 20% of the PlayStation 2’s installed userbase, a couple of months later.

We expect to finish our fiscal year with just over nine million units sold worldwide,” said Mitch Koch, head of retail sales for Xbox.

Then, speaking of how to improve the situation in the East, he made specific reference to how Xbox Live would appeal to certain aspects of gaming culture in the region, giving Korea as an example. “Korea has a very strong gaming culture, but it's been heavily weighted to the PC side," Koch said. "The marriage of Xbox Live and the cultural attributes in Korea we think bodes very well for the success of Xbox there.”

It will be interesting to compare the figures that get bandied around at this year’s E3 Expo, due to take place in Los Angeles in May.


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