Microsoft Xbox 360 Life-to-Date Sales to Overtake Nintendo Wii UK

So says a Gfk Chart-Track report

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Microsoft Xbox 360 Life-to-Date Sales to Overtake Nintendo Wii UK
Well now, younger readers may not recall when the Nintendo Wii stalked the earth (well, the UK) forever in 'short supply' or 'in under-supply challenges' but it would appear that this has finally caught up with the once all-conquering balance pad controller.

According to ace stats counter-upper, Gfk Chart-track, the Xbox 360 outsold the ailing, saturated Wii by 4-1 last year and will soon surpass it.

CVG's been told the figures and it's broadcast them early, stating that: "Microsoft's console was less than 200,000 sales behind Wii at the end of December, having sold over four times more units than Wii in 2012..."

It continues, "Despite a reported 33% decline in video game console sales last year, Xbox 360 is said to have outsold its current-gen rivals by a "significant margin" in Britain during 2012."

On a global scale, "As of September 2012, Wii had sold through 97 million units, compared to Microsoft's 70 million Xbox 360s sold worldwide (October 2012) and Sony's 70 million "sold in" PS3s (November 2012)."


Rob 29 Jan 2013 17:15
Did they include or take away the ones that had to buy 2 to 4 new xbox 360? Because of the red ring of death.
Moe hunter 29 Jan 2013 21:59
Sorry but why is this even in the news really I think yall forgot that Nintendo has a new console out and the wii had already wont he last gen in 2008 it don't matter what the x or ps3 do anymore that gen is done lol about xbox also I worked for game and seen the same ppl constantly buying the box due to the faulty hardware but like I said that gen was won long ago by the wii so lets stop digging up ld fossils and move into the next gen lol
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