Bungie Blowout: First Screens of Halo Reach

First screenshots, concept artwork and personnel details.

Posted by Staff
Bungie has released a metric f-tonne of new media and information on its upcoming Master Chief prequel, Halo: Reach. The update includes the first batch of screenshots for the game, some fantastic concept artwork and details on some of the characters you'll be seeing.

The screenshots are of fantastic quality, showing Bungie's increasing ability to pack some beautiful detail in its environments and spartan models. The colours on Reach are of a particularly muted shade, compared to previous games in the Halo series, and strange gryphon-esque creatures can regularly be seen strolling about the place. They look hard.

Of the new personnel ? which includes a female spartan called 'Kat' that triples as a tactician and hacker; and the rock-solid Jorge ? the character named 'XXX' is the most intriguing. Described as a 'Lone Wolf' more than a member of a team, this Lieutenant bears a striking resemblance to a certain Chief we used to know...

You can see the full batch of screens and artwork on SPOnG's dedicated Halo: Reach page. Did you know that SPOnG is a database jam-packed full of information on games like this? Well, you do now. Click the 'Games' tab up there to have a little browse.


sierra 117 26 Jan 2010 16:08
can't wait.

screens look great.
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