The Charts: Three 360 Exclusives in Top Five

Record market share for Microsoft's next-gen console.

Posted by Staff
The guys and gals at Microsoft's XBox UK sales and marketing team will no doubt be doing a little jig of glory around the office upon hearing today's news that there are not one, not two, but three Xbox 360 exclusives in this weeks All Formats Top Five, with Capcom's zombie-fest Dead Rising shambling straight in at number one, THQ's Saints Row dropping down a place from last week's top spot at number two, and Atari's Test Drive Unlimited cruising straight in at number four in the All Formats Chart as supplied by ChartTrack.

Dead Rising also beats Ubisoft's GRAW to become the fastest selling 360 title to date, and is bestowed with the honour of giving its Japanese publisher the first All Formats Number One it's had in over five years - successfully breaking Capcom's top spot cherry which has been in place since Resident Evil: Code Veronica was last at the [severed] head of the charts back in 2001.

If you like the fun sensation of mowing down hordes of dead-eyed zombies on a sit-on lawnmower, then Dead Rising is certainly for you. SPOnG will be bringing you its full review of this Capcom classic in the coming days, so watch out for that.

Elsewhere at the top end of the chart, LucasArts' seminal Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is straight in at Number Three. You can read SPOnG's full review by clicking here.

Sony's September hope for PSP is this week's highest climber, with a major ad campaign pushing Gangs of London up from Number 23 to 11. In other new release news, Ubisoft's quality RPG on Xbox 360, Enchanted Arms, creeps into the All Formats Chart at Number 27 this week - read our full review of this must-buy for 360 role-playing aficionados here.


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