Oasis and The Prodigy "Headline" Xbox Live "Festival"

Also, Franz Ferdinand flogs new songs...

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Oasis and The Prodigy "Headline" Xbox Live "Festival"
Microsoft is rather upping the ante when it comes to selling Xbox 360s over the 'The Holidays'. Not only has it re-invented pester power but it's now putting on a virtual rock'n'pop fest on the weekend of November 28th to 30th November.

Yup, if you've got Xbox Live membership, you can pretend to be at a real life festival watching The Prodigy (remember them? They wanted to smack your bitch up but in an empowering way... we bet that won't get played). Well, we're told that "the band are offering an exclusive downloadable HD video of the title track from their new album, Invaders Must Die ahead of its official March 2009 release".

You can also get the chance to chat with the lads about smacking, bitches, fires and other things.

That's Friday. Saturday sees "Britain’s biggest rock n roll band Oasis" who will be "headlining the virtual festival on Saturday 29th November". What this means is rather than watch Oasis knocking out the hits (and the songs not on the first two albums) "Fans of the band will be able to download three songs from their No 1 album Dig Out Your Soul, for Guitar Hero World Tour.

Mmm.. so, no one actually playing live at this festival then? What about Sunday? Franz Ferdinand and their "video of the first single from their new album, ahead of its January 2009 release".

But it's not just bands not playing! You also "be treated to exclusive content from 2009’s biggest cult movie The (sic) Watchman via "7 ‘Webisodes’ from director, Zack Snyder’s website".

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PreciousRoi 26 Nov 2008 05:56
Massive loss of nerd cred.

*shakes head sadly*

Its (The) Watchmen.
Tim Smith 26 Nov 2008 08:38
PreciousRoi wrote:
Massive loss of nerd cred.

*shakes head sadly*

Its (The) Watchmen.

Aye, it was a quote (quoted) from the rather OTT Microsoft press statement regarding the 'festival'.

devon the slipnot rocker 1 May 2009 14:47
wayyy hay hay u chavs
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