Chinese Government Currently Reviewing Video Games Ban

Could open the floodgates for console manufacturers.

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Chinese Government Currently Reviewing Video Games Ban
It looks like our prediction was correct - China is set to review its decade-long ban on video games consoles, and is looking into the possibility of opening up the domestic market.

If it comes to pass, it would allow Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and others to finally thrive in China, which has had to rely on grey and black market imports since 2000. The government issued a collective ban on the sale, import and manufacture of games consoles for fears of harm in the mental and physical development of the young.

Back in November, SPOnG reported that Sony's PlayStation 3 was listed on the China Quality Certification Centre website, and received approval in July 2012. Approval has to be made before it can be sold to Chinese consumers. We noted that this could be the first steps towards a review of the ban - and an unnamed government official told China Daily that this is indeed the case.

"We are reviewing the policy and have conducted some surveys and held discussions with other ministries on the possibility of opening up the game console market," the official said. "However, since the ban was issued by seven ministries more than a decade ago, we will need approval from all parties to lift it."

Interestingly, the report makes mention of a formal release of Microsoft's Kinect peripheral. It was allowed to be placed on sale in China back in October, but not as a games device - instead, it has been used for medical and educational purposes.


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