Microsoft to Brand More Xbox Gaming Scoundrels

Not just Shadow Complex.

Posted by Staff
Major Nelson's going after cheats in order to "enrich the Shadow Complex experience". Yes, the terrifyingly named, Xbox LIVE enforcement team (XLet) are going to take "steps against players verified as cheaters". Big, hard steps, like skinheads from 1972... in Manchester... during a City vs United game. And it's not just Shadow Complex blaggards who will feel the steel toecap.

The steps are:

- The player will be deleted from the Shadow Complex leaderboard.

- The Xbox LIVE enforcement team will investigate individual players removed from the leaderboards for potential resetting of the user?s gamerscore. The reset would include all games, not just Shadow Complex.

- Those accounts determined by the Xbox enforcement team to have their gamerscore reset will be branded on Xbox LIVE as belonging to a cheater, and this information will be reflected in the gamer profile, both on and in the Xbox Dashboard on the console.

Branding! Ouch.

Details here.


Daz 16 Sep 2009 20:12
and so they should, nothing but low life scum who in an honest match wouldn't stand a chance against even me.
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