SmartGlass Hits with Forza Horizon

An 'experience' is revealed... do not call it a 'product'

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SmartGlass Hits with Forza Horizon
SmartGlass is coming to Forza Horizon. The Windows 8 app, which enables gamers to use a map of Colorado in the driving game using their PC or Surface while playing the game on the Xbox 360, is a free download via the Windows Marketplace for all devices running Windows 8.

Yes, it's a free add-on map. But Microsoft is calling it an 'experience'. Let's see what else the company says:

"The Forza Horizon SmartGlass Experience works as an interactive map of Colorado--the vast open-world environment where fans will drive, explore, and race against other players. Via the Forza Horizon SmartGlass Experience, Forza Horizon players can instantly access the entire map of Colorado. Using familiar navigation gestures like pinch to zoom, players can explore the interactive map and set waypoints simply by tapping the desired location on the screen. Once a destination is chosen, that waypoint is automatically set in the game and new route directions are presented to the player.

"The interactive SmartGlass Experience for Forza Horizon lets players explore the open roads of Colorado with ease. In addition, as with the in-game map, the Forza Horizon SmartGlass Experience includes locations of special items such as smashable upgrade discount signs, new race events, and more. Through a robust set of filters, players will be able to quickly find exactly the event or item they are looking for with just a few swipes of their fingers."

Source: Microsoft


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