Killing Bosses Is Less Than Half The Story

Producer tells SPOnG of influences, Halo 3 demo saga and more?

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Killing Bosses Is Less Than Half The Story
Speaking to SPOnG in an exclusive interview today, Real Time Worlds and Crackdown producer, Phil Wilson, refused to deny that further Crackdown-based gaming glory is coming round the corner.

During the interview, Wilson also tells us why there is far more to Crackdown Achievement than simply killing bosses, ?When I hear people say they?ve finished the game, they usually mean they beat all the gang bosses... If you got a 35 or 40% on your next exam would you be proud of that achievement?"

He takes a cold, hard look at the games world ? and specifically at the furore kicked up by the Halo 3 demo?s inclusion on Crackdown, ?We of course felt really good about the game we were developing, but we knew there would be some naysayers out there. Aren?t all gamers a bit cynical after all?...?

There?s also lots of inside info regarding the development of Crackdown? just for one example, ?All we knew was that we had created a chemistry set. How players combine the various elements was something we knew we couldn?t control or plan for??

You can read the full interview right here.


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