Japan Hardware: Wii Breaks Ahead

PSP Go still slumping - on its last legs soon?

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Japan Hardware: Wii Breaks Ahead
In Japan, the hardware chart is a constant struggle between the Wii and PS3 for weekly domination. This time, Nintendo's console wins out thanks to attention being diverted from Sony's console and towards handhelds. The Wii keeps trucking with sustained sales of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Home Console
Wii: 36,241 (31,652)
PS3: 27,763 (32,130)
360: 2,510 (2,453)
PS2: 1,912 (1,883)

PSP: 37,338 (32,796)
DSi LL: 24,605 (24,388)
DSi: 15,586 (15,380)
DS Lite: 5,029 (5,053)
PSP Go: 1,296 (1,371)

(Previous week's unit sales in brackets for comparison)
(Charted from 22nd - 28th February 2010, courtesy Media Create)

The PSP continues to lead the handheld charts however, with multiple games for the system being released this week. Was the UMD platform ever this popular with developers in the West? DS hardware sales are up on average, due to the presence of robot boobs in the software charts.

At this rate, the poor PSP Go looks like it's going to die out before its war-hardened brother, the PlayStation 2 – which has seen a small rise in unit sales this week. Keep on trucking, PS2.


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