Microsoft to cut Japanese Xbox price?

Following disastrous Easter sales, Microsoft is under intense pressure to reduce the price of the Xbox in Japan.

Posted by Staff
Microsoft to cut Japanese Xbox price?
The machine sold embarrassingly badly last week, achieving sales of only 4,300 units. To put this into context, Nintendo shifted just under 25,000 GameCube units and SCE sold a staggering 100,000 PlayStation 2’s.

“Investors already think Xbox is irrelevant in the Japanese market,” said Makoto Suzuki at Chuo Mitsui Asset Management Co. “Sony is now the maker of choice among owners of home use game consoles.” An incredible claim but, considering that Microsoft is selling at just over 4% the rate of Sony, one that has to be seen as spot-on.

“It's a certainty that the Xbox isn't a threat anymore to Sony's PlayStation 2,” said Toshiyuki Fukushima at Sumisei Global Investment Trust Management Co. “I'm interested in how this will affect the parts suppliers for the Xbox.”

A price-cut to entice consumers is now widely expected. The Xbox is currently the most expensive machine in the Japanese marketplace, a factor that may sabotage any future for the Xbox moving forward.


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