Xbox Beats Wii in Japan

Yes, it really was a Star Ocean

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Xbox Beats Wii in Japan
The latest incarnation of Square's Star Ocean has helped Microsoft outsell all-comers in Japan last week. Yes, all-comers.

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope is merited with enabling the Xbox 360 to sell 21,013 360s compared with 16,900 Wiis and 15,967 PS3s. This is according to Ascii Media Works (rather than the usual Media Create figures) - and is reported by Reuters.

Now, here's a thing, ChartGet reports Media Create stating that Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope sold 162,000 copies (exclusively on Xbox 360). The Ascii Media figure puts it at 173,850 units by Febuary 22nd.

That's quite a discrepancy in terms of the software sales.


SuperSaiyan4 26 Feb 2009 12:03
If the 360 has games the Japanese gamers want they will buy that console, I personally feel up to now all Japanese games that have been exlcusive released on the 360 have been okish nothing mind blowing or amazing.
OptimusP 26 Feb 2009 12:14
Hold up, HOLD UP JUST A MINUTE....weren't you the guy who always talked (excessively hyped about it actually) about how MS was able to get all those exclusive JRPG's and such compared to the PS3... Yes you were!!!

Reality is a bitch isn't it...hope you bought a DS and a Wii for the actual good JRPG's that have arrived and are coming.
SuperSaiyan4 26 Feb 2009 12:39
Nope never hyped Star Ocean as I know nothing about it nor have I played it.

I have however stated that the 360 does indeed have all the JRPG's and I heavily enjoyed Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey however the other JRPG's including the latest ones were poor.

Its best to have the games than to have none and the PS3 seriously does lack a lot of games especially exclusives and JRPG's.
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