Konami in dirty tricks against Microsoft?

Is Konami trying to thwart the chances of the Xbox Stateside? Read on and see what you think

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Konami: No comment
Konami: No comment
Yesterday we brought you news that Konami had reported that ďa lot of outside factorsĒ could hamper the timely release of Silent Hill 2 for the Xbox. It really didnít make any sense to us so we decided to find out why.

We set to work analyzing every bit of data relating to the Company and platform and came up with a very interesting anomaly.

Following on from Gran Turismo 3, what is the next true killer app for the PlayStation 2? Weíll give you a clue: it is from Konami and features the most amazing symbolically phallic name in gaming history. You guessed it, itís Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

Surely you will agree that this will push many gamers, currently without a PlayStation 2 to hurry off down to the shops and buy one. MGS 2 is set to become one of the greatest games of all time and will see series creator Hideo Kojima immortalized in the gaming hall of fame.

It was recently announced that MGS 2 will debut in America, before Japan or Europe. This is an unusual move for Japan-based Konami to make and seems strange considering that the game is made in Japan, by Japanese people. It has been incorrectly reported by a number of sites the original Metal Gear Solid came out in the US before Japan. Nonsense, the game came out on September 3rd 1998 in Japan and on the 21st of October 1998 in America. It is unusual for Konami to juggle its releases in this way. Why would Konami do this?

We then noticed the release date for the game. November the 8th 2001. We stopped for a moment. This date seems important but why? It seems important because itís the date the Xbox hits American shelves. This is a fact that Konami, launching what is undoubtedly going to be the biggest title in the companyís history, will have known all too well.

Release schedules are not drawn up at random, not is a game released simply when it ready and complete. The release of any game, especially a high-profile title such as this, is pondered over by teams of experts, to ensure that sales are maximized. Why do you think there are no other games for the PlayStation 2 coming out this week other than Gran Turismo? Games companies are not stupid and the clash in release dates will be no mistake.

Still, we donít know why this is. Does Konami have issues surrounding the Xbox or is the company working under the influence of Sony?

To no-oneís surprise Konami was not willing to comment on this situation when it was presented today.


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