Microsoft Working on 'Xbox TV' Device to Rival Apple

Streaming-only box to be a cheaper version of next Xbox.

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Microsoft Working on 'Xbox TV' Device to Rival Apple
Nintendo isn't the only platform holder that's releasing two versions of its next-generation console. If reports are to be believed, Microsoft is also planning to launch a cheaper edition of the next Xbox which focuses solely on streaming entertainment content to your TV.

The set-top box approach will be released alongside a beefier, more traditional model that will cater to the core-gamer. This cheaper box will apparently play casual games instead of full-blown Xbox titles, and will run on the core components of the Windows 8 operating system.

Naturally, Xbox entertainment services such as Xbox Music and the Video Marketplace will be key features of this alternative set. The report also states that this technology could also be integrated into a television set, in a move that not-so-subtly takes aim at Apple's apparent move into the TV market.

Source: The Verge


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