Xbox 360: Microsoft Points Removal Leads to Higher Game Prices

Beta users are breaking NDA to complain.

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Xbox 360: Microsoft Points Removal Leads to Higher Game Prices
Microsoft's new Xbox 360 Dashboard removes the console's current Microsoft Points system in favour of local currency. But according to users trialling the update, the transition to real money could see online game prices increase by as much as a third.

Although discussion about the new dashboard is subject to a hefty non-disclosure agreement, the conversion rate from MSP to real currency has sparked fierce feedback on a NeoGAF thread. The UK is the worst hit by the change, with games costing 800 MSP increasing in real-world terms from 6.80 to 8.99 - an increase of 32%.

Beta testers are also saying that converting a player's Microsoft Points to real-world currency leaves the user severely out of pocket. The process currently uses the current/old conversion rate, meaning that an aforementioned 800 MSP will translate to 6.80, not the 8.99 needed to actually purchase a game.

Of course, the conversion rates could change at any time before the new dashboard goes live to the public. Let's hope that's actually the case.



Old Codger 10 Jul 2013 12:34
If anyone thought that Microsoft wouldn't try and screw everyone over when they began this conversion then they are fools. This was always going to be a price hike. Just one more reason to leave behind the greedy, bloated, out of touch Microsoft and try something else.
Mr Smith 10 Jul 2013 19:02
it's a joke people need to be given the exact amount for ms points nothing less its stupid how they make there money people will be buying the ps4 then the xbox one
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The Elder Scrolls 11 Jul 2013 17:52
@Old_Codger True that. They've already tried to screw us over with the DRM on Xbox One, and now they're trying to screw us out of our money. I wonder what they'll try next...?
Anonymous 18 Jul 2013 21:58
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