Bungie: Xbox LIVE Wouldn't Have Made It Without Us

Halo series pushed the service further.

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Bungie: Xbox LIVE Wouldn't Have Made It Without Us
While Xbox LIVE celebrated ten years of online service, one former Microsoft Games Studio was beating its proverbial chest about its role in the platform's success. And for good reason too, to be quite honest. That studio was Bungie, creator of the Halo series.

"I don?t think the Xbox would be where it is today without Bungie and without Halo," said Bungie studio manager Harold Ryan to GI. "I think Xbox Live wouldn?t have made it.

"As a group, we provided both technical and creative guidance and thought leadership that really pushed the limits. We weren?t just a game developer using the service. We were integrated in the design of the service and how it worked. Systems for groups and matchmaking and skill ranking were all things that were pushed the furthest and the hardest by us."

The man has a point. But now Bungie has moved to pastures new, and the Halo series is being handled quite admirably by 343 Industries. So let's remember the developer that helped make Xbox LIVE what it is today, eh?


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