Microsoft Concedes Halo 3 Disc Problems

Replacements to be issued

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Microsoft Concedes Halo 3 Disc Problems
Microsoft has acknowledged problems caused by the packaging of the Halo 3 Limited Edition and will replace any discs damaged by the dodgy tins.

Halo fans who have fallen victim to the problem will be able to get their disc replaced at no extra charge, avoiding the usual 10 disc replacement fee. The offer extends until the end of 2007, but only applies to the Limited Edition as no endemic problem has been found with the Standard and Legendary editions.

We have contacted Microsoft to see what is happening with editions that are currently on the shelves and we are waiting to hear back.

The problem first emerged before the game even launched, with the friend of a gamer who had managed to get a copy early posting images online of a damaged disc.

SPOnG's sure the gesture is appreciated by irked gamers, but we imagine they'd have preferred to be able to play the game when they actually bought it rather than having to wait.

If you are one of the irked, you can sort out a replacement here.

If you're not, firstly: check your copy of Limited Edition BEFORE leaving the shop. Secondly: check out SPOnG's review here. Thirdly, get a second opinion here. Fourthly... nah, we're done. Except for saying you can get all the latest Halo 3 news and screens on SPOnG's dedicated game page.


LUPOS 26 Sep 2007 16:04
From what I've heard most of the ones that have slipped out are visibly scuffed but still functional. I wonder what the grace period is on returning a scratched disk.
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