Xbox One Microsoft Points Transfer: 'No News'

Will MSP even exist on the Xbox One?

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Xbox One Microsoft Points Transfer: 'No News'
Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Live Gamertags, Gamerscore and Achievements will all carry over from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, and can be used on both consoles post-transfer. However, it was less clear on the transfer of Microsoft Points to the new system.

Xbox EMEA Social Marketing Manager Graeme Boyd took the time to answer some questions about the upcoming console. He's still doing it now, if you still have anything you want cleared up. Among the good news was that users will be able to continue using their Xbox Live Gamertags on their 360 consoles after moving to the Xbox One if they so wished.

When asked if Microsoft Points - real money that Xbox users have placed onto their Xbox 360 accounts - will be transferrable, Boyd replied with "No news." He responded with the same when asked if Microsoft Points will even exist on the Xbox One. We probed further and got this response:

Microsoft has announced that it is to drop Microsoft Points on its Windows products, and recently it was reported that it would extend that abolition to its range of Xbox devices. Whether "no news" is related to the fact that Microsoft Points will no longer exist to make a transfer applicable remains to be seen - but if that's the case, we may see a number of Xbox 360 users with a lot of money sitting on their current-gen consoles.


matthew verso 22 May 2013 13:28
Didn't they only announce the other day that MSP are going by the end of summer? I'd imagine any points balance will be converted to a cash amount for future purchases.
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