Perfect Dark heads to Xbox

What’s going on at Rare?

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Perfect Dark heads to Xbox
We have caught hold of one of the more interesting rumours to hit the Internet gaming sewing circle for some time now. Namely, that Perfect Dark Zero will be created for Microsoft’s Xbox console.

Although Rare refuses to comment on anything, Nintendo’s recent response to our question in relation to the future of Perfect Dark would seem to lend weight to these rumours. We proposed to Nintendo that Perfect Dark Zero for GameCube didn’t exist in any real form. The response we got from the Japanese head office was simply, “We have no information to share relating to that game”. A comment that certainly raised a few eyebrows around the gaming world.

It is also worth bearing in mind that Perfect Dark is one of the few games Rare is the sole licence holder for. Nintendo, a 49% shareholder in the company, has overseen the development of some of its key products at Rare, including Donkey Kong, one of the biggest names in the world of videogames.

It is now seeming increasingly likely that, following the shambles over Rare’s possible multi-platform future, embroiled with the rumoured Activision buy-out, that Perfect Dark may spearhead any possible Xbox move for the UK based developer.

Perhaps Microsoft will unveil PDZ at X02 or ECTS? We’ll keep you updated as this progresses and remember where you heard about it first.


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