Something For The Weekend? What To Buy And Play

This week's releases

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Something For The Weekend? What To Buy And Play
Another week of graft is drawing to a close, another fistful of pounds has been earned. So we can all look forward to settling into the well-established grooves on our couches for a weekend's gaming, right? Well, depends what sort of box you've got nestled in your living room. Let SPOnG take you through what's available to you this week.

It would, of course, be remiss of us to not mention this week's launch of the Halo 3 beta. Sure, it got off to a rocky start with Crackdown's failure to provide a working portal right away. But it's fixed now, and the important thing is that Bungie's giving us an extra four days to play by way of an apology, right? If you're one of the few and the proud who has access to the beta you can look forward to waking up on Monday morning and feeling like you've gone ten rounds with Jack Thompson. Don't believe us? Take a peek at SPOnG's impressions of the beta and be reassured.

The outlook for those of us not privileged enough to be plugging in to Halo 3 this weekend isn't quite so rosy. Next on the list is Activision's Spider-Man 3 on the PS3. Owners of other platforms have already had the game available to them for a couple of weeks now, but, alas, lateness seems to be Sony's order of the console cycle.

Keeping the PS3's late streak going is Calling All Cars on the PlayStation Network. This cartoony blast of old-fashioned cops 'n' robbers mayhem comes from the mind of God of War creator David Jaffe. Jaffe told us the game would see release two weeks ago, but what do developers know?

You can find out what Microsoft and Nintendo have in the download pipeline here and here.

Next up is another PlayStation release, but this time for the PS2. The SOCOM series gets its last-gen swan song in with Combined Assault. It's Navy SEALS fighting for life, love and liberty in 32-player glory. It also comes just in time to ride the publicity coat tails of Sony's announcement of SOCOM: Confrontation on the PS3. Handy, that. Huargh!

Rounding things off are a couple of DS releases in the form of 505 Gamestreet's MinDStorm (see what they did there?) and Eidos's Pony Friends, while the PS2 gets Raw Danger, again from 505 Gamestreet, and LAGO's SBK-07: Superbike World Championship.

It's not the most inspiring week if you don't have a 360 and Halo 3 beta access. Next week, however, we can look forward to Mario Strikers: Charged Football on the Wii (for which you can find SPOnG's review here), Tomb Raider: Anniversary for PC, PSP and PC, and PC owners finally getting Halo 2.


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