Strange, Violent Golf Game with Strippers Announced for Xbox

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Strange, Violent Golf Game with Strippers Announced for Xbox
Microsoft has revealed details of an unusual game, going by the name of Outlaw Golf for its Xbox videogame system. Unlike most golf games (Everybody’s Golf aside) that have tended to be pretty serious and aim for a more rational audience, Outlaw Golf looks like the polar opposite to those types.

Characters include Mistress Suki, an oriental stripper, Killer Miller, an audacious Redneck, and Doc Diggler, a psychotic medic.

As well as a cast of ten bizarre club-wielders, the courses are something any sensible golfer would stay away from, set as they are in Redneckville, the Valley of Death, and a toxic waste dump.

The players will have the ability to interfere with each other’s game, with a bit of cheating highly encouraged.

One of the most impressive features of the game is the “performance response system” that the developers have included. This groundbreaking addition will see the game difficulty fluctuate depending on how well you are doing. If you are struggling, the pressure will start to increase and your drives and putting will become more difficult. If you are nailing chip-shots from the bunker at 50 yards, your composure will increase.

Outlaw Golf is due out towards the end of the year and will be Xboxclusive.


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