PS3 Still in First Place in Japan

General fall in sales though

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PS3 Still in First Place in Japan
Media Create has made public the Japanese hardware sales figures for September 14th to the 20th. Despite plenty of headlines last week stating that the PS3 had fallen on its face following a big launch week, we said that it had levelled out. Were we right? Well with a fall of 4.2k units, we reckon we were not far off the mark.

So, PS3 maintains its lead of Wii and Xbox 360. Strangley, PS2 sales actually went up very, very marginally.

In the world of the handheld the DSi dominates despite losing sales, the PSP picked up a few sales as did DS Lite.

Last week's figures are in round brackets with the week-on-week change in square ones.

PS3: 51,055 (55,344) [-4,289]
Wii: 16,698 (17,568) [-870]
Xbox 360: 4,965 (7,568) [-2,603]
PS2: 2,723 (2,612) [111]

DSi: 66,073 (66,498) [-425]
PSP: 21,073 (18,375) [2,698]
DS: Lite: 13,555 (11,179) [2,376]


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