The Charts: A Final Fantasy!

Despite fastest-selling console game of the year, sales are down…

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The Charts: A Final Fantasy!
Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XII has managed to dislodge Electronic Arts’ FIFA 07 from the Number 1 spot on the all formats chart, with Microsoft’s Crackdown (Xbox 360) coming in at Number 2 – and also nudging an EA title, Need For Speed: Carbon, down three places to Number 5.

Final Fantasy XII is, in fact, the fastest-selling console game this year (and the second fastest selling game in the Final Fantasy saga), not bad for the ‘ageing’ PS2; in fact the game made up 53.5% of all PS2 games sold during the week.

For stats nerds out there, Square’s game is the fifth different All Formats Number 1 in 2007 - the highest number of different Top Spotters since 1999, that’s, like, last century!

Number 2’s, Crackdown by Grand Theft Auto creator, David Jones, must have brought satisfied grins to the facts of both developer, Real Time Worlds, and publisher, Microsoft. Especially as the 360 took overtook Nintendo’s seemingly rampant DS in the software format stakes.

While sales for the week were sluggish, overall 2007 games sales are doing well, having increased 21% (17.5% in value) over the same eight-week period last year. Both handheld formats were down; and the Wii has remained static, despite Excite Truck, leapfrogging Zelda: The Twilight Princess to move from No36 to No21.

If you’re going to back a publisher, then it’s Electronic Arts, with four titles in the Top 10: FIFA 07 at Number 3, Need For Speed: Carbon at Number 4, The Sims 2: Pets at 6 and The Sims 2 at Number 8.

Interestingly, the budget PC title, Bad Boys II made its way up ten places from Number 17 to Number 7, while we a big Top Ten farewell to: Supreme Commander (Number 4 to Number 12); Avatar: The Legend of Aang (Number 6 to Number 14).

To us, unsurprisingly, Little Britain: The Video Game plummets 13 places from Number 5 to Number 18; rather more surprisingly we see, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition losing 12 place as it slips to Number 22.

Top Ten All Formats Chart
1 Final Fantasy XII (Square Enix)
2 Crackdown (Microsoft)
3 FIFA 07 (Electronic Arts)
4 Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (Konami)
5 Need For Speed: Carbon (Electronic Arts)
6 The Sims 2: Pets (Electronic Arts)
7 Bad Boys II (Empire Interactive/Grabit/GDL)
8 The Sims 2 (Electronic Arts)
9 Sega Mega Drive Collection (Sega) (Sega)
10 New Super Mario Bros (Nintendo)

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Joji 27 Feb 2007 13:31
Why are sales down? Perhaps because some are waiting for PS3. Dont think a great amount of games that are brilliant usually grace shelves this time of year, (correct if wrong) but things may pick up come easter time.

FFXII is long overdue, a bit too late with PS3 out next month (I can see a FFXII with PS3 pack coimng from somewhere though eventually), but its better than not at all. Good to see it selling shedloads.

Also good to see Crackdown doing well, 360 needs sleeper hits like this.
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